“I have been seeing Susan Mara since 1995. She has a wonderful combination of modalities for pain and stress relief. Her Energy work infuses the total you. I don’t know what I would do without her! ”
~Max B
Town: Longmont

“I was first referred to Susan by my doctor after I experienced a neck injury and concussion as a result of a car accident. I was familiar with massage therapy, but was very surprised to find someone that was recognized and endorsed so confidently by my long-time physician. I’ve seen other massage therapists that left me feeling broken and bruised. Susan on the contrary is truly gifted with an effective touch that quickly hones in on problem spots and has the ability to melt away even the toughest of knots. Through massage and the use of her accu-spark tool, my symptoms soon subsided after a few visits. During the time of my treatment for the accident, I discussed the fact that I had a history of migraines. I also mentioned in recent years, normal headaches seemed to hurt much worse. Susan suggested we try a cranial-sacral adjustment to resolve some of the chronic pain I was experiencing. I would say I’m an open minded person, but I was skeptical. After being still and allowing Susan to work her magic, I was true believer. I suffer a substantially less amount of pain when I do experience a headache. What impressed me the most is that it’s not like chiropractic treatments that require ongoing visits to maintain this improved state of being. I’ve continued to visit Susan for the treat of a massage and the pain has not returned. Susan is a warm and talented person that has the ability to heal a person on many levels. I feel lucky knowing she’s only a phone call away when I subject my mind and body to less than gentle treatment.”
~John O
Town: Longmont

“'Susan is a true healer. She can intuitively tell the difference between physical stresses on the body versus emotional stress, and then treats accordingly. She infuses energy and spiritual work into the session for a complete therapeutic experience that leaves your complete self rejuvenated, refreshed and self-empowered. The welcome addition of Susan’s new light therapy machine only intensifies these amazing results.'”
~Logan N
Town: Longmont

“Susan has guided my body, mind and spirit through difficult times. Her energy work is amazing, Craniosacral balances and the Light Therapy is energizing. I look forward to many more years with her! Thanks Susan.”
~Dianne W
Town: Denver

“I am a long time client of Susan's who enjoys the benefits of her massage and cranio sacral work. I have found that the use of the LED light treatment enhances her work. My experience is that the LED adds to my all over sense of relaxation, my muscles physically softened more easily, and my cranial bones moved with ease into balance! I really can feel the significant additional benefit of the lights in the massage session. I also have received the LED treatment alone for recent injuries; a mild concussion and an impact to my entire right leg. The lights immediately helped with the amount of pain in both injuries. With the leg injury I found the soft tissue bruising and swelling seemed much less than they would have been, and the rate of healing was increased quite noticably. With the concussion, the disorientation and headache both improved immediately after the treatment. I would highly recommend this new offering of Susans! I believe the LED Light therapy has many applications and it is now part of my tool kit for healing and health maintenance.”
~Diane C
Town: Longmont

“Susan represents the highest level of professionalism as a massage therapist. Her ability to assess and address issues is second-to-none-undoubtedly due to her tremendous experience across many relevant disciplines. ”
~Aaron A
Town: Longmont

“Last Fall I had a serious fall resulting in a concussion, broken nose and busted lip. Many weeks and medical appointments later, a family member, who is a Reiki Master, suggested an evaluation with a CranioSacral therapist for the residual dizziness. On my way to the appointment with Susan it was necessary to hold on to the walls to maintain my balance, but after the session, which included light therapy, I walked out on my own and have not experienced any dizziness since. After the 20-minute light therapy session, it seemed like a “plug” had been removed in my feet and all the tension and anxiety drained right out – and left me with an incredible sense of peace and well being. At a later visit, she aligned my facial bones in the broken nose area, and the constant four-month stuffiness was relieved. An absolutely astonishing experience! Thanks, Susan! JoAnn ”
~Jo Ann M
Town: Longmont

“Susan is a top notch massage practitioner and the recent addition of light therapy to her repertoire is an added bonus. I experience additional mood benefits and deeper muscle relaxation with the lights. ”
~Nancy K
Town: Berthoud

“Susan Mara is an intentional professional energetic healer using integrative therapies to treat her clients. She intuitively knows the precise mix of massage, craniosacral, neuromuscular, and light therapy to best serve the person that she is working with. Susan is a trusted healer and her methods are successful. I have found release of anger, pain, and attachments to unhealthy relationships with Susan's help. As a result, I have less pain. Susan is a healer with proven results. With warm regards, Kris ”
~Kris M
Town: Longmont

“I have had the pleasure of Susan's massage treatments on a fairly regular basis for two years now. Over that time, new, challenging issues presented themselves. In particular, somewhat debilitating hip pain. Fortunately, by the time this issue appeared, Susan had added the Avalon light therapy as an offering. Since my last massage/light treatment, my hip issue has dramatically improved. Improvement was not immediately noticeable, but in a matter of 3 or 4 days, improvement was dramatic. My hip functions near normally again. I will continue with my on-going sessions with Susan.”
~John C
Town: Boulder County

“I am happy to highly recommend Susan Mara. I am a recent, but very grateful client. I first saw Susan at a time when I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Tension had built into my neck, shoulders and upper back so as to significantly and painfully reduce my range of motion. In addition to massage, Susan used light treatment in that area. When I walked out after a one hour massage/light session, I had full range of motion in my neck and it has stayed mostly loose. In a second session, I asked Susan if she could help my hands and wrists that were still quite uncomfortable from the arthritis. Again, she used light treatment on them to increase the circulation. My hands were much better the afternoon of the session and continued to improve into the next day. I wasn’t familiar with light treatment before working with Susan, but from the distinctly positive results of my two sessions, I would recommend it. Again, I highly recommend Susan as a skilled healer. I was amazed how much good she could do in an hour. ”
~Beth U
Town: Longmont

“I see Susan regularly for massage therapy. Right before leaving for a trip, I experienced back pain. Susan could fit me into her schedule for a 20 minute Light Therapy session. The Light treatment was amazing. When she offered it to me, I definitely was doubtful. Since I thought it wouldn't make my back any worse, I decided to try it. Much to my surprise I felt immediate relief when I got off the table. It made a believer out of me! ”
~Rose C
Town: Longmont

“I recently tried a Light Therapy session with Susan. We were more focused on injuries for a sore thumb from a recent mountain biking crash. I did notice an immediate decrease in the pain of those areas. The thumb felt fully recovered after just one session. She also put a light over my eyes and forehead to balance my pineal & pituitary. What I did notice after the first session was a decrease in my hot flashes. Since the second session over a week ago I have not had a single hot flash and I was having them 10-20 times a day with night sweats as well. The night sweats are gone too, which is a huge relief and an added bonus! ”
~Kimberly H
Town: Longmont

“Stress....we all feel it. Susan does an amazing amount of healing work in a short period of time as she is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive and talented. The power of touch does wonders to decrease stress. I am determined to get my husband in to see her very soon!”
~June B
Town: Longmont

“I came to Susan because I have had almost constant knee pain since having to drive through rush hour traffic three times a week for the last three years on my commute to Denver for graduate school. Susan recommended a series of light therapy treatments and after two months of weekly treatments, the overall pain has been greatly reduced and for the 3 days immediately following the treatments I have no pain at all, which seemed like an impossibility just a few years ago. Additionally, Susan's generous and intuitive healing presence means that I receive a balanced and holistic treatment meant to increase over-all well-being, which I have found to be rare even among the most experienced healers. Susan is a true gift to our community. Thank you!”
~Jennifer F
Town: Longmont

“Recently had my first session with Susan after knowing her for over a year and a half. I've received MANY massages in the last several years and I have to say that Susan definitely has my vote! She is a very generous and giving person and as a therapist I see her connect with all of her clients at a deeper level. I've witnessed this thru sharing an office space in her building as an associate MT myself. When we finally made time to trade services she blew me away! She addressed my issues and found some I didn't know I had, using a variety of techniques taylored for me. I thoroughly enjoyed and apparently needed her craniosacral work which I had never experienced before (to my knowledge), and the most surprising thing to me was the light therapy!! I genuinely relaxed on her table and I felt like a new woman after my session. I've noticed considerable improvement with my sleeping patterns, which has been a long battle for years with me. I can't wait to get another session with Susan... I feel like she gave me the massage I've been needing all my life. Highly recommend her!”
~Angie R
Town: Longmont

“My daughter Jasmine is 6 years old and in first grade, she has been struggling with her reading for the past year. The last school year Jasmine didn't even move up a reading level. We tried every suggestion the school had offered and nothing was working. Summer school was suggested to try to help improve her reading. Susan did a combination of CranioSacral and her other energy therapy on Jasmine. She went for her first session and she absolutely loved it!!! The school tested her two weeks later and Jasmine had moved up two reading levels! Then after her last follow up appointment the next day she was tested and again moved up one more level! After a year of struggling, I feel truly blessed to have found something that finally worked! Jasmine no longer is struggling with her reading and is now enjoying it. ”
~Diana P
Town: Longmont

“Susan has been a true gift from spirit to me. Her gentle and yet powerful hands and her healing and intuitive work has helped me move through long held patterns - physically and emotionally. Every time I leave Susan's I feel a renewed sense of life and possibility. I love how she utilizes different healing modalities depending on what she is being presented with in the moment. I am also always so amazed at just how much she can do in such a short period of time. Thank you Susan for sharing your gifts with me!”
~Penelope P
Town: Longmont

“Susan is truly a gifted healer. I came to her suffering from vertigo and left our session not only with the vertigo almost completely gone, but feeling centered, grounded,and happier otherwise, so much more myself! Susan incorporated multiply modalities into our session to promote the healing of my body and spirit. What a blessing! Thank you Susan! ”
~Jamie M
Town: Lyons

“Susan provided a wonderful healing for me using LED lights. I have had pneumonia every winter for several years in a row now. Last winter, a friend drove me to Susan's office after I was twice hospitalized for pneumonia and still sick with a fever and congestion. I went into the healing delirious with a fever that wouldn't let up, but it broke shortly after our session, and I have remained pneumonia-free since then. Truly, it is powerful work that I highly recommend to anybody who is looking to heal and repair their body!”
~Nami B
Town: Longmont

“I am a new client. The Vibe at Mountain Spirit Healing is Good. I was first drawn to Jen Knowles for chakra balancing, and have seen her twice. She is very intuitive and good at what she does. I feel balanced and at peace when I leave her healing session. Recently, I have received massage therapy and LED light therapy from Susan Mara for tension in my back--the right side of my back is blocked and feels thick and is the source of head pain from 25 year old injuries sustained in a car accident. Susan also works on my thumbs, which carry congestion from years and years of intense work with my hands. I appreciate the Energy that Susan and Jen share in their healing. They are both intuitive and know where to focus and what questions to ask. The massage felt like it released some of the scar tissue thickness from my back, and the light therapy seems to have opened up more channels for my own healing energy to flow through and help to carry "stuff" out of my body. I look forward to more sessions with Susan and Jen. We make a good team! Thank you for all that you do for our Community.<3 <3”
~Susana V
Town: Longmont