Light Therapy

Light is amazing. It has the properties of both a particle(photon) and a wave, making it "Quantum" in Nature. It carries information(think fiber optics) and has the ability to activate a myriad of functions within the living cells.

Light is metabolized into cellular energy. From photosynthesis in plants to vitamin D production in humans, Light streams photons to our bodies as pure electrical potential. Proton energy is converted to ATP(energy source for muscles) and proteins needed for rebuilding tissue. Light's powerful effects balance organs and systems and stimulate our body's innate ability to regulate and heal itself.

Light Therapy:

Light Pads

Infrared, Red + Blue spectrum Light

Light Therapy generates and delivers photodynamic light to accelerate the body's healing process.

Light Therapy is used successfully to relax muscles, increase circulation, decrease pain and swelling, stimulate the immune response, increase intracellular communication and balance the autonomic nervous system.

Approved by the FDA for inflammation, and pain relief, ongoing research over the past 50 years continues to support the findings of NASA, the Navy, and numerous institutions documenting rapid wound healing and skin regeneration, elimination of jaundice in newborns, reversal of neuropathy, antibacterial effects on fungus, virus and bacterial infections, detoxification and decalcification and positive effects for treatment of depression and sleep issues.

The founder of the Elan Light System spent time researching light therapy in Switzerland where clinics successfully utilize light pre and post op for decreased infection and accelerated healing.

"We are human photocells who's ultimate biological nutrient is light." -Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD

Light Energy

Elan Effect Light Therapy System:

The Elan Quantum Series Light Therapy system incorporates the unique method of combining primary wavelengths which are pulsed at secondary frequencies for the most optimal health benefits. These Frequencies are symbiotic and known to accelerate healing at the cellular level.

The Elan System utilizes medical grade LEDs(light emitting diodes) in flexible pads for easy placement on the body, conforming to elbows, knees, etc... Contact is optimal for light wave penetration.

Wavelengths: The light spectrums include near infrared, Red and Blue spectrum wavelengths.
The eye pad does not contain infrared lights.

Benefits: Red(640nm) stimulates blood flow, Lymph, immune system, digestion.

Blue(430nm) decreases infection, inflammation, antibacterial, increases skin regeneration.

Infrared(880nm) deeply absorbed into the body 6-8", reduces pain, accelerates healing, stimulates production of Nitric Oxide.

Pulsed Frequencies: There are currently 10 settings of pulsed frequencies to choose from, depending on the focus of treatment. Combinations of settings can be used within a session to address multiple areas of focus.

The Nogier Frequencies

The French Neurologist, Dr. Paul Nogier(1908-1996) determined that all tissues and organs of the body develop from three basic embryologic tissues; ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm. He discovered that these specific body tissues are in sympathetic resonance with specific frequencies. Dr. Nogier identified these frequencies and designed electronic instruments capable of delivering pulsed energies into the body for purpose of healing injured or diseased organs and tissues. He identified seven frequencies ranging from 73 Hz for tonifying glands and cellular repair, to 4,698 Hz for sedating trigger points, and decreasing pain.

The Pulsed Frequencies of the Elan Light Therapy System

  • 7 Nogier frequencies (47Hz - 4,698 Hz) - address the physical body.
  • 7 Solfeggio frequencies(258Hz - 852 Hz)- based on ancient musical scales and mathematical ratios. Includes the frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair DNA.
  • Shumann Wave(7.8Hz - 11 Hz) - the resonant frequency ('The Hearbeat') of the earth.
  • Zero-point Scalar Wave - waves of pure energy. In a state of resonance. Quantum in Nature.

"Vibration is everything. And every vibration has its own frequency. By exposing the mind and body to the Solfeggio frequencies, you can easily achieve a greater sense of balance and deep healing." - Dr. David Hulse

Light rays

Light Therapy is safe, non-invasive and effective.


  • Increases circulation, blood flow, Lymph.
  • Reduces inflammation, and pain
  • Promotes cell regeneration and reproduction(stimulates release of ATP)
  • Stimulates RNA & DNA Synthesis
  • Relaxes Hypertonic Muscles
  • Improves Range of motion
  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • Supports detoxification
  • Stimulates immune response
  • Stimulates Nitric Oxide balance and production
  • Improves sleep, relaxation, stress reduction
  • Stimulates collagen regeneration
  • Stimulates acupuncture points and balances biorhythms
  • Improves cellular communication and nerve transmission
  • Supports endocrine and autonomic nervous systems

Helpful in the treatment of pain, muscle spasm, injuries and Inflammation, headaches, Neuropathy, stress, anxiety, and depression, calcifications and scar tissue, libido issues(circulation)


"Susan Mara is an intentional professional energetic healer using integrative therapies to treat her clients. She intuitively knows the precise mix of massage, craniosacral, neuromuscular, and light therapy to best serve the person that she is working with. Susan is a trusted healer and her methods are successful. I have found release of anger, pain, and attachments to unhealthy relationships with Susan's help. As a result, I have less pain. Susan is a healer with proven results. With warm regards, Kris "

~Kris M
Town: Longmont

"I have had the pleasure of Susan's massage treatments on a fairly regular basis for two years now. Over that time, new, challenging issues presented themselves. In particular, somewhat debilitating hip pain. Fortunately, by the time this issue appeared, Susan had added the Elan light therapy as an offering. Since my last massage/light treatment, my hip issue has dramatically improved. Improvement was not immediately noticeable, but in a matter of 3 or 4 days, improvement was dramatic. My hip functions near normally again. I will continue with my on-going sessions with Susan."

~John C
Town: Boulder County

"I am happy to highly recommend Susan Mara. I am a recent, but very grateful client. I first saw Susan at a time when I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Tension had built into my neck, shoulders and upper back so as to significantly and painfully reduce my range of motion. In addition to massage, Susan used light treatment in that area. When I walked out after a one hour massage/light session, I had full range of motion in my neck and it has stayed mostly loose. In a second session, I asked Susan if she could help my hands and wrists that were still quite uncomfortable from the arthritis. Again, she used light treatment on them to increase the circulation. My hands were much better the afternoon of the session and continued to improve into the next day. I wasn't familiar with light treatment before working with Susan, but from the distinctly positive results of my two sessions, I would recommend it. Again, I highly recommend Susan as a skilled healer. I was amazed how much good she could do in an hour. "

~Beth U
Town: Longmont

"The Light treatment was amazing. Susan offered it to me, and I definitely was doubtful. Since I thought it wouldn't make my back any worse, I decided to try it. Much to my surprise I felt immediate relief when I got off the table. It made a believer out of me! Massage and light therapy make a great combination!"

~Rose C
Town: Longmont


For more in-depth information on the benefits on Nitric Oxide see (Research on Light, Nitric Oxide and the Human body)

Light Therapy ~ Mountain Spirit Healing Arts

Light Therapy is a great compliment to other therapies and can be working simultaneously during a Massage session, Craniosacral session or Energy Balancing Session.


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