Do you have gift certificates available for purchase?
Yes we do! Gift Certificates are available in multiple options of session duration and therapies offered. For example: 1 hour massage, 75 minute Aromatherapy massage, 1 1/2 hour combinations of Massage and Craniosacral therapy, or Massage and Energy Balancing are options to choose from!

Do you offer frequent visit discounts or packages of massages/sessions at a special rate?

Yes! We offer a special discount for people who commit to coming once-a-month or more frequently, and we also offer packages of 5 sessions for a discounted fee.

A popular package is the 5 session Energy Spa Foot bath; a great technique to assist in detoxifying the body. This is excellent with quitting smoking, after an extended cold, illness, or health challenge.  Ask your therapist for current rates and specials!

What are the benefits of a massage?

Massage is a great addition to a balanced health routine of stretching, regular exercise, a healthy diet and meditation.  The intention is to keep the body toned and fluid, the mind relaxed and alert, and enjoy a conscious spiritual connection.

Massage is an important addition to physical rehabilitation. It has proven beneficial for chronic conditions including low back pain, arthritis, headaches, high blood pressure, immune suppression, and depression.

Massage helps relieve stress and tension accrued in our everyday lives. When this stress is unaddressed and not released, over time it can lead to structural and physical dis-ease.

I am new to Massage, what can I expect?
 Come ready to relax and experience your body releasing tension and stress. You can close your eyes if you wish, and enter your inner world. This time is yours.

What do I wear?

You may disrobe to your level of comfort. It is your choice.  Your body is draped at all times. Only the area receiving treatment is uncovered.

How will I feel after my massage? 

Most people feel very relaxed after their massage session. Some people report freedom from long term aches and pains.

After an initial period of deep relaxation, people often experience increased energy, heightened awareness, and greater productivity that can last for days. Toxins such as lactic and uric acids are released from your tissues during a massage, therefor we recommend that you drink extra water following your massage session.

If mild soreness occurs post treatment due to the release of  spasm, an epsom salt bath can be very beneficial.  Also the use of topical salves such as arnica ointment are beneficial to diminish soreness.  Please call if soreness lasts more than a day for further recommendations.

May I ask questions during the session?

Feedback is encouraged during your session. Are you comfortable? Warm enough? How is the pressure being applied?
Feel free to ask about massage therapy techniques. The more I know about what your body has experienced  in the way of injuries or surgeries, the more I can focus on specializing your session. Let me know your therapy preferences. It is fine to fall asleep during your session. 
Silent massage- If you prefer silence, please request this and I will do my best to accommodate with no talking.
I may ask for feedback concerning an area of concentration.

What if there is an emergency or I am ill, do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes we do have a cancellation policy. We ask for 24 hours notice in canceling your scheduled appointment so that we may fill your session time with another client in need. Emergencies are considered on an individual basis. We do appreciate that you stay home if you have a serious cold or flu, and understand the need to tend a sick child.

Can I bring my child with me?
We have a policy that no children be left in the waiting room alone and unattended.  In order for you to totally relax and have "you time" without distraction, we recommend that you not bring a child with you to your session.

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