Welcome to Mountain Spirit Healing Arts Center!



Mountain Spirit welcomes you to our Center, where you are acknowledged for the whole being that you are. We offer therapies and sessions for your body, mind and spirit; the whole you. Our intention is one of balance in all areas of your life where "thriving", "flourishing" and "expanding" are daily expressions.

As founder of Mountain Spirit Healing Arts Center, Susan Mara draws on 30 years of experience in the Holistic Health field. Through her focus on Massage Therapy, complementary therapies, body~mind~spirit balance, and the energetics of health, Susan enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with clients and community. New people are always welcome.

Mountain Spirit offers numerous therapies by wonderfully gifted and skilled therapists. We network with a myriad of health approaches to support your individual needs and choices.

"Healing is not creating something new, but merely re-aligning the body with it's own already existing divine blueprint." ~ Iasos